Alizée Pichot

Alizée Pichot is a 25-year-old writer who navigates different forms of writing as if swimming in a rough sea. She spent her childhood and adolescence on the French coast, where she began to write for herself in a diary, then started an unfinished novel at 13, and then discovered her love for poetry. Her writing exists at the intersection of poetry, journalism, and research, equally sharp, insightful, instinctive, and sincere. She finds herself invested, socially and emotionally, in every project, whether it's poetry (Pulp Poesis, 2019, Les Éditions Persée), journalism (founder of the platform), or literary writing linked to other artistic practices. She draws inspiration from dreams, as well as from popular culture and arts, approaching her work and the world around her from a critical perspective. Her convictions evolve fluidly in each of her texts, as she commits to writing on a daily basis, especially in support of feminist issues and inspired by civil disobedience movements.

Navigating Queerness Through Queerlessness

My first thoughts are driven to the forbidden territory of questioning what queerness is. ...