Faraz Abdullah

Faraz is a strange birb. No, wait. Faraz is a human who lives with a strange birb. No, that's not it either. Faraz lives with a cute birb and is a stranger to most humans. There are over 7 billion of them. That is something Faraz thinks about a lot... The sheer scale of varied human experiences. What makes us close to some and far from others, and how many of them live with cute birbs? A lot. More than you'd think. More than Faraz can wrap their brain around. Follow the cute birb Faraz lives with @where.to.artoo on Instagram.
This painting was made for a March 2018 event, celebrating Queer and Trans Muslims of Colour: Collective Arting as Resistance and Resilience

The Wandered

Image: farha najah, This painting was made for a March 2018 event, Celebrating Queer and ...