Lucas Charlie Rose

Lucas Charlie Rose, best known for his career as a rapper and music producer, is a multidisciplinary hip hop artist, community organizer and entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada. Only 26 years old, Lucas is already considered a leader in the Black trans community worldwide. After making history by producing the world’s first ever trans hip-hop mixtape, a project that was entirely produced, written by and featuring trans people, Lucas founded non-profit record label, Trans Trenderz, to provide trans artists with the resources they need to make music and uplift their narratives. The end goal is trans artists on stage at the Grammys. Lucas is also known around Montreal for his community work. His involvement with Black Lives Matter Montreal, the workshops he frequently facilitates and his constant advocacy work have allowed Lucas to make connections beyond the music world. Inspired by other musical activists like Rihanna, Lucas strongly believes that music, more specifically hip hop, can change the world.

My Gender is Black

My name is Lucas Charlie Rose, I am a Black trans migrant, founder of ...