The Mint Tea

I am the mint tea that sits and stares at you with wondering eyes. I have the face of many flavours and colours that look green and perfect. Deeper inside my structure, you’ll find there is more than you think. More flavour than you can ever guess is there. Please take your time and find the patience to enjoy me, for I have many ways to tempt a fast tongue.

Oh, pretty relaxations that can come from a wave of things. Bless all flavours with appreciation.

So many times I have looked into crystal faces only to hear a cry on the other side. So many times I have tried to be merry, when really all I wanted was to say it straight.

Can you face the truth? You have darkness in you that I can see with my green leaves, freshly picked from the summer harvest and kept through cold months. Enjoy me with slow touches and soft palates. I want you to discover what I really am.

I am more than mint tea. I am a point in time where you sip and enjoy something in the now.

I am more than mint tea. I am a point in time where you sip and enjoy something in the now. The second you wander from sipping, you may burn your tongue. I am flavourful, but I am hot. Never meant to be hurtful, but if you lack awareness, I may pierce the palate that I long to discover.

I am a wise cupful for a wise soul. I stare into your eyes with crystal clear glass and good intentions. Get the most out of each steamy taste of my essence and translate it into something more.

Despite any weaknesses you may feel, you are strong. I look at you and find that there is nothing to fear but fear itself… a well-used line that cannot be overemphasized. So watch out for the quick sip, enjoy each taste.

I am the mint tea that grants a new challenge. I am the mint tea that stares at you. I am in love with you. So please, love me too.

  • Chloë Ann Haboush loved her art: making hand puppets, doing stand-up poetry slams, writing, and singing. She battled a few demons in her short life - mental illness, drug addiction, and, finally, cancer. She also had moments of light and fun and loved to relax with her mint tea and her cat, Mia. Chloë transitioned in 2016. She was 28.

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